Asia - a massive continent with diverse cultures, lanuages and heritage that change hues with every country you visit. A continent that extends from the mountains around the Black Sea in the west, to the snow fields of Siberia in the east, the Indian Ocean on the south and a gigantic Russia on the north. The world's highest point, Mount Everest, lies within Asia along the border of Tibet and Nepal soaring 8,848m (29,028 ft) above sea level. The iconic Taj mahal in Agra- India to the Mud skyscrapers of Shibam in Yemen - Asia is a heaven for the traveller, explorer and adventure seekers.

Travel options range widely, from the desert ruins and modern mega-malls of the Middle East to the magnificent ancient monuments in South Asia, and from the beach bungalows and jungle treks of Southeast Asia to the mega-cities and technology capitals of East Asia. Find out more about regions, destinations, and itineraries below.

Asia offers very diverse travel options. There are ultra modern, largely democratic countries like Japan and the East Asian Tigers (regions and countries) of Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea which are very prosperous and in which people enjoy very high standards of living. On the other hand, Afghanistan, Laos and East Timor are extremely poor countries where people struggle even to get a few grains of rice each day. Of course, there are also many countries lying somewhere in the middle, such as the emerging powerhouses of China and India which make wonderful travel destinations in themselves due to their long history, size, and diversity. Thailand is a magnet for travelers, with great food, a tropical climate, fascinating culture, and great beaches. On the other extreme, Asia houses Communist North Korea, perhaps the most oppressive regime in the world, which has no travel freedom and constant monitoring by the government.

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6N – 7D Nepal

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Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia located mainly in the Himalayas but also includes parts of the Indo-Gangetic Plain. Kathmandu is the nation’s capital and largest city.  Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was born in southern Nepal.…

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