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Mastering perfect balance of Luxurious Comfort and Thrilling Destinations for 6+ years !

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Travel & Tourism

Get the most personal and authentic local experience of Culture, food, traditions and the ecosystem of every destination we Travel

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Sustainable Travel

Exploring with a responsibility towards the ecology and maintaining the beauty of mother nature for future generations to cherish.

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Mission & Values

Explore the untouched beauty of Remote Destinations and create an Environment of opportunity for locals with every such attempt.



A Small Dream

In 2011 Manjiri Rajesurve started with a small dream of traveling with Friends to destinations across India - Destinations that are forgotten, unseen and untouched. Over the Years this small dream developed into a venture that has helped hundreds of Travelers to reach and experience beautiful places and adore the beauty of nature - a Venture that's now known and respected as a leading Tour operator and Holiday Planner - Prayag Asia.

An Unseen Asia

At Prayag Asia, it's our mission to open up the unseen beauty of less traveled destinations across Asia to travelers around the world. We pride in our reach to some the most untouched locations far from the clatter and bustle of popular tourist spots. And every such place you travel with us, we strive to give you the most authentic local experience to cherish forever.

Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration

Manjiri Rajesurve - evolving from a homemaker with Twin sons to a Destination hopper, backpacker, trekker and holiday planner. Her evolution and journey is an inspiration to scores of travelers as well other women in the industry. With her ever-present charm and smiles she has won hearts across destinations and is welcomed by local communities as one of thier own.

”Responsible Travel with a Zero Foot Print”
Eco Adventures

We at Prayag Asia are committed to our environmental responsibilities and it reflects in all our Tours, Treks, and Expeditions. From No Plastic to respecting Nature and Natural Habitats - we have developed a code towards Sustainable Travel and a Zero Footprint Policy.

Green Tourism

At Prayag Asia - Green Tourism has been taken to all new level with a policy of responsible Travel. Over the years we have built our code of Sustainable Travel and strive to achieve a Zero Footprint Policy.

Work with Locals

When you travel with us, you can be assured that a good part of your money you spend on your holiday is being directly channeled into the local cummunities. We achieve this by maximizing use of local products and human resources indirectly channeling the money back into the local economy.

Alternative Tourism

Prayag Asia has been at the forefront of developing Alternative Tourism in India and SouthAsia. It is our Goal to achieve maximum travel that is personal, authentic and encourages interaction with the local environment, people, and communities.

Womens Tours

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Wildlife Safari

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Off-Beat Locations

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Cruise through the Worlds most Trecherous Roads in Lahaul -Spiti. Ride the clouds at Worlds Highest Passes of Leh Ladakh. Get mesmerizzed by the roads in Bhutan. Prayag Asia makes…


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